We’re making good time on these rewards so far! Here is our 2nd original song recording reward for Kickstarter backer, Jim MacQueen. Instead of giving us 5 facts about himself with which to write the song, Jim instead wanted us to write about a character in a book he is currently working on. He plans to use this song in his own Kickstarter project when launching his first novel, The Wasters. The facts about the book he gave us to use in writing the song were as follows: This book introduces the character Herb Cook, an auto racing writer who also travels the world as a spy. He’ll be tracking down pot smugglers and international terrorists in this first book. Enjoy! There will be more to come!


Seems the time just slips away
The more I’m quickening my pace
Could it be that I’m just goin round and round
What’s the hurry …oh what’s the race?

Can you read these words I scroll
With each verb or noun I wrote
I get closer to the hope for which I groan
I’m not alone…I’m not alone

Yet on the other side
wasters seek our lives
Poisonous promises; highest of heights
heads and heavy guns
eyes have just begun to turn from us
Neglect will end fires burned for us
It seems its time to take my turn
oh It must be earned

So I’ll leave this place called home
Travel ‘ore the sea and land – yes I will roam
I can’t rest for now – Their callin’ for a war
And I’m a soldier ….I’m fightin on

Yeah a soldier – I’m fighting on

Here on the other side
What’s worth the highest price?
A worthy sacrifice –  highest of heights

 all the things they’ve done
all the ways that they’ve begun to leave
The rain will fall and with it brings relief
We’ll rinse away this…disease

And the war’s already won
But it seems it just begun


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